SEO, or search engine optimization, is a bit of a mythical entity when it comes to having a website these days. Most people hear it all the time, but they still don’t know what it is. They might know what it is supposed to do, but they don’t understand some of the most basic tenets of SEO. However, it’s these tenets that are the key to creating a successful campaign to boost a website’s SEO. If you are a new business startup, it can be hard to know where to start with your SEO campaign, but as long as you have the basics down, at least you will have a big head start. Here are five essential SEO tips for startup websites.

  1. Quality content is king. When you are just starting out with your SEO techniques and you are using a blog to boost your company’s SEO, it is important to know that many of the newest search engines judge a website’s relevance based on how good the content is. That means that when you have articles, they must be cohesive and well written – and not a jumble of words put together. Doing this can put you at risk for getting blacklisted, which could put your site at the back of search engine rankings.
  2. Beware of getting blacklisted. By abusing the power of SEO, you could find your site blacklisted and bumped to the back of the line. That means if your main point of sales is online, your revenue could be cut in half, or more. So, you want to be careful not to have too many backlinks, over crowding keywords and abusing IP address mirror locations. All of these are seen as tricks to deceive search engines and are strictly forbidden. So, make sure to play fair.
  3. Hire the professionals for a little extra boost. Hiring an SEO team to boost your campaign can be a surefire way to increase your website’s standing. In fact, SEO teams are highly experienced in the field of search engine optimization and could raise your site’s standing by hundreds of percentage points. These companies have tried and true recipes, which get sites from the back of the search engine rankings to the front.
  4. Use social media to your advantage. So where are most of the eyeballs online these days? They are on some of the most major social media pages. By signing up your startup site with many of these social media juggernauts, you could see your SEO standing skyrocket. Not only that, but social media is a great way to organically build links that can even further boost your SEO standing. Moreover, social media is just a great way to market your brand.
  5. Guest Articles. There are many different companies that offer the ability to have unique articles written in the field of your business, or about your business, that includes a link to your website. The more links you have on blogs, the higher your website’s ranking will be.