A lot of entrepreneurs depend on available Internet-based innovations to promote their business, attract clients, and, of course, earn more profit. Previously there were only TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines: traditional media which had limited coverage. Now, thanks to the Web, advertising and marketing now have the potential to reach people in other countries around the world.
Social media in particular has made a mark, not only changing people’s method of communication, but also revolutionizing the ways people advertise (and socialize). Facebook, for example, has supported the marketing goals of many businesses and individuals, even going so far as to allow users to buy targeted Facebook fans. After all, almost everyone in the world has a Facebook account – and it is for this reason entrepreneurs are banking on the site as a social media marketing platform.
The big idea here is not only the fact that it is free but also that your target audience can be easily reached. Every company has the opportunity to create their own Facebook Page in a very unique and creative way that will let their potential clients know what and who they are dealing with.

Below are a few pointers that companies can use to effectively promote on Facebook:
1. Create your unique fan page.
Try to be as creative as you can be. Use catchy ideas in order for you to establish your fans. It is better to customize your fan page so that customers will be able to identify you from other competitors. It would be best to put photos of your own products and services, brief description, and of course your contact numbers. This way, your potential clients will get a better idea of what you have to offer, and can easily contact you if they have further queries. Always consider the significance of your Facebook Page because this will be one of your foundations for attracting clients via social media. It may take a while to earn lots of fans, but as long as you work hard and maintain your page, you are sure to get thousands of “Likes”.
2. Set your objectives.
Even before you create your page, you must first jot down your primary objectives. Learn to understand the purpose of promoting your business on Facebook and have a clear understanding of what you need to accomplish. Consider questions like: How exactly you want to promote your biz? Who is your target audience? What are the benefits that your potential clients can get? Then try to think of other questions that will sum up or answer all your objectives and purposes.
3. Keep your profile up-to-date
Post at least 3-4 times a day. You can opt to share a link from your blogs or from other websites, talking about your products and services. To help enhance your search performance, always remember to use relevant keywords. You can even post videos and you can repost customers’ feedback and positive reviews so other potential clients will get to know more about what you do and how you do it. Always make sure, though, that you provide informative and of course educational content – and not just spam other people’s Facebook news feeds.
4. Start establishing and engaging your community
It is advisable to add friends or invite Facebook users to join or like your page. Try to profile your customer and spend time checking their interests. You’ll soon discover who your potential clients are, and you’ll be able to more easily communicate with them and start introducing your products. Remember, communication is the key so you better spend time on monitoring your page, which may have customer inquiries and questions. Respond positively and show respect by choosing the right words to use and by letting them feel that you value them.
Author’s Bio: Abie is a freelance blogger and content writer for more than 5 years now. She writes about different topic including Parenting, Family, Health & Fitness, Technology, Travel and more.