Pinterest has taken the world by storm, and with more and more people signing up to see what all the fuss is about, isn’t it about time that your business was on Pinterest?

It Brings Extra Traffic To Your Site

A lot of big companies out there aren’t afraid to give stats on how Pinterest is working out for them. Brands such as Sony, for example, have commented that Pinterest is now sending more traffic than veteran social platform Twitter. For Sony, Pinterest is (2,300 followers) sending 2.5 times more than their main Twitter platform with (80,000 followers). If that isn’t value then I don’t know what is!

It Represents Another Audience To Market To

One of the key reasons why Pinterest seems to be sending so much traffic to sites is thanks to the fact that businesses can clearly market to a select audience. With Pinterest boards available for pretty much any subject, it doesn’t take long for a business to find their niche in order to start targeting the people that best apply to them.
In the case of Sony, marketing products such as televisions and game consoles makes much more sense from a visual point of view: hence, the clear traffic difference between their Twitter and Pinterest accounts.

People Expect To See It

In a very short space of time, Pinterest has become just as well-known as other social media marketing platforms, and therefore it is getting to a point where customers simply expect to see a business with a Pinterest profile. If a profile is missing, then it is more than possible that select customers will go elsewhere. It has happened with other social platforms, and it may as well happen with Pinterest.

Easy-To-Publish Content

There is no argument for not setting up a Pinterest profile and pushing out images. Why? Simply because it is so incredibly easy to do so! Businesses can get their profiles set up and their first pin board ready to go in a matter of minutes.
On top of this, there is far less risk with a company pushing an image up onto a pin board than there is in putting out a tweet. There have been some major mishaps on platforms such as Twitter and Facebook in recent years and because Pinterest is a platform for images alone (just a small description of the image), the risk is lower.

Are There Exceptions To The Rule?

As with any social platform, there are going to be instances where it isn’t applicable for a business to be on Pinterest (a morgue for instance?) but the majority of businesses succeeding socially already should look at Pinterest as a serious avenue to pursue.
About the author: Ryan is the owner of – a site specialising in the best infographics and videos on the web. Without Pinterest he wouldn’t have had the inspiration to create the site in the first place!