Internet and marketing have one thing in common; they are always changing. This means that relying on techniques that worked five years ago and expecting them to yield the same results is unlikely to be a wise marketing decision. Website owners must keep abreast of tactics that are relevant in the 21st century to beat competition and make profit. The following are 3 ways to improve your website marketing strategy:

The number of people who are using mobile phones is increasing every year. As technology and connectivity improves, people are more likely to use their phones to search for something or just check out your website instead of sitting down to a computer. Making your site mobile optimized so that phone users can easily navigate on a small screen will definitely improve your sales. Online marketing experts recommend that you use a responsive design. This means that a page can automatically adapt and adjust to a screen size unlike making a separate mobile website. This not only makes it easy to manage the site but also ensures that all the links that get to your URL increase your mobile rankings for that particular page.
Pay per click
Most marketers tend to ignore pay-per-click (PPC) marketing. What such people do not know is that search marketing has become an important paid game. This tool effectively directs traffic of internet users to sites making advertisers pay the hosting services when you click on the ads. In order to increase traffic for a website you have to use specific keywords to enable potential clients to visit the targeted website. Search engine results pages (SERPs) are also increasingly being dominated by paid result. Organic results are getting pushed out of view due to increasing availability of rich snippets and regular PPC.
Semantic markup
This is basically a code that is inserted on a page to give search engines a human-like understanding of the website content. In ordinary circumstances a search engine would see a heading, a subheading and some paragraphs on a page. With semantic markup they see and understand that a heading means a title of an article, a subheading refers to the author of the article while the paragraphs forms the bulk of the content. Semantic markup offers search engine an improved understanding of content thus giving it higher rankings. It can also produce very rich snippets during search results. Rich snippets refer to bits of information that are included into search results originating from the title and description.
Apart from the 3 ways to improve your website marketing strategies stipulated above, there are other effective methods and techniques that are also considered ideal. This includes using social media. Since it is a popular way of engaging with clients as well as building new ones. Using secret links by fitting them into your content text without making it so oblivious is also an effective site marketing strategy. It is recommended that you inform clients of hidden links to avoid putting them off when they stumble across them. Encouraging clients to leave their reviews is also highly effective, as potential clients tend to check them out first. Every marketer dreads to have bad comments about his/her business. Do not be afraid, just learn how to respond to negative reviews positively.
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