Facebook is all about building relationships – and so is your blog. So are they a match made in heaven? Should you shell out some of your hard-earned cash to buy advertising for your blog on Facebook?
It could be a smart move. Statistics show that Facebook advertising is more effective at relationship marketing than it is at direct selling. Besides, compared to many other forms of advertising, Facebook is low-cost, but any money you spend needs to be cost-effective. That means creating ads that stand out from the crowd, that reaches your target audience, and that drives traffic to your blog. Sound like a big order? When you’re creating your Facebook ad, remember these 3 tips and you’ll increase your chances of success.

Know Who You Want to Reach

One key to successful online marketing is getting your message to the right people and Facebook lets you choose your target audience. Even before creating your Facebook ad, decide who your blog appeals to. How old are they, where do they live, what do they do for a living? Are your readers male, female, or do you want to reach both men and women? Are they married or single?
You also need to decide on demographics like level of education, special interests or hobbies, or anything else that helps you narrow down what type reader you are seeking. By having a solid grasp on these factors, you greatly improve your chances of both reaching people in your target audience and creating an ad that appeals to that person.

Get Their Attention with Creative Ad Copy

You know from your own surfing that an ad must have something special about it to catch your attention. So what is it that will grab your potential readers’ attention and not let it go? Will humor do the trick? Could one big, bold eye-catching word serve as the headline? Whatever you choose, make sure it captures the interest of your target readers.
You don’t have much room, so keep your message short but tantalizing. Make it keyword-rich without stuffing it. Give readers a reason to click on that ad and see what else you have to say.

Learn from Other Ads

Study other Facebook ads and ads on other sites you frequent. Which ones do you see over and over again? There must be something about that ad that is working or the ad’s owners wouldn’t keep paying for it. What’s the hook? Is it a compelling picture? Does it ask a question you would like to know the answer to? How about a moving call to action? Try to pinpoint what makes that ad effective and then personalize that tactic for your own ads.
Facebook advertising is a great way to boost your blog’s readership if you do it right. Try a variety of ads, monitor the results of each, and see which works best for you.
About the author: Dee is a full-time writer and blogger with a passion for intrnet marketing, finance, health, and careers. She regularly contributes ultrsound technician articles to a growing career guide.