In order to create a successful sales page, you have to make sure not to include things that will turn off your potential buyers. Most sales pages that have the things that shouldn’t belong there will face the bad consequence of low sales, or no sales at all. That’s why you should carefully examine your sales page before you decide to publish it. Here are things that should not be there:

Wrong focus

Your entire sales page should focus on addressing your potential customers’ problem — without hard-selling the product. No matter how great your product, don’t boast about it until the last line. You have to educate and give information about how to solve the problem of your potential customers first. Let them know about the product once you’ve done this. And don’t forget to let them know about how to get the product.

Criticism and insult

You know that your product can solve people’s problems. Now, for example, you have a weight loss product. You know that the ones who will come to your sales page are people with overweight problems or at least people that want to lose some of their body weight. You know, most sales page writers tend to give criticism and insult to their potential customers and make them feel really bad. Instead of making your customers feel bad, you have to connect with them emotionally and offer the real solution to their problem.

Rigid and formal conversation

If you want to attract more buyers, you don’t necessarily have to speak too professionally. You can speak as regular person who knows your stuff more than most people. Use your own voice in your conversation and take the role of a friend instead of a professional stranger. They don’t care about your expertise. As long as you provide them the right solution to their problem, they’ll be happy to buy your product. Remember that rigid and formal conversation may prevent the message from getting across and bore your potential customers.
About the author: Denis is a contributor for Credit Cards Canada where you can find some information on credit card and also Canadian student credit cards.