There is lot of confusion out there among those who want to start their online business. However, there is nothing to worry as keys to success in this business model are quite simple and straightforward. Instead of spending days or months online searching for that “secret magic button” to make money online (there isn’t one!), you should try to master each of the following things we’re going to share with you and you will be on way to make tons of money within a short time.

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Let’s have a close look at 3 essentials for starting an online business:

1.) Create a free product and give it to people-You must have at some point given your contact details (name, phone number or email address) online in exchange for something that you were interested in. Whether it was a video or an eBook containing some “secrets’, this was a method used by that person to get your details.
However, with every online business trying this formula to get contact details, now it simply doesn’t deliver. So our advice to you is to avoid this technique of “tricking” people as this is not the best way to start your business relationship on the right foot. Instead of this, you should offer something of real value, such as valuable tips, links to resources, ebooks with insider information and tips – this is a the core of content marketing and what the Empower Network teaches. This is much more important than bombarding their mail boxes with one sales attempt after another.
2.) Create a squeeze page where others can get your free product in exchange for their name and email address- Once you are clear about the importance of giving something of value in exchange for their contact information, you should sign up for an autoresponder service and set up a opt-in box on your squeeze page. This simple page will now send traffic to an webpage that allows them to download your free product.
3.) Learn ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page and treat your list like gold-There are numerous ways to drive traffic to your squeeze page, but the best ones that give you fast results are, writing articles, blog posts, forum posts, social media marketing, social bookmarking, banner ads, link exchange, PPC, video marketing, and so on. Most of these methods are free and won’t cost you any money, plus the would continue to get you results for years.
Once you have subscribers in your email list, you must treat each of them like gold. As soon as you get a new lead on your list, you should devise strategies to earn money from them down the road. This will ensure consistent flow of money for your online business. Therefore, start by providing lots of free information to all your subscribers and advertise about your products only occasionally. This will demonstrate that you care about them and are not just after money.
These 3 essentials for starting an online business look simple, but should be done in a systematic way because your big money comes from your list and by consistently building it, you increase your chances of success in your online venture.
The author is a specialist in running online businesses.