34 WordPress Themes for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes

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That’s one word to describe this list of WordPress themes for restaurants. And that one word is all we need.

If you’re a restaurant owner, hotel manager, food and beverage professional, master chef, Internet marketer, or Web designer looking to establish your presence online, please do spend some time checking out the latest addition to our lists of WordPress themes. Because this one’s for you.

Looking to attract more guests, customers, patrons, fans, and followers by way of a mouth-watering website? Excited to showcase your delightful menu of specialties, best-sellers, and packages to the rest of the world? Ready to win over people with a well-designed restaurant WordPress theme that reflects your establishment’s identity and culinary style? Just scroll down to check out the list.

Well, hopefully, with this list, you’ll find a WordPress theme that’s suitable for you. If you have a favorite, do let us know by leaving your comment below. And be sure to share the love by tweeting this delicious WordPress themes list, posting it on Facebook, bookmarking, commenting, or adding your own recommended WordPress theme.

Linguini Restaurant WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Gusteau Restaurant WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Food Recipes WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Palazzo Di Sole WordPress Theme

$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Delicioso Restaurant WordPress Theme

$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Ristorante WordPress Theme

$50.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Stomaci Restaurant & Cafe WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Goodold Restaurant WordPress Theme

$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

MagTruetitude Restaurant WordPress Theme

$40.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

FoodPress WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Victoria Restaurant WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Restaurant Design WordPress Theme

$40.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Redminton WordPress Theme

$35.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Restaurant Pro WordPress Theme

$69.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Ermark Adora WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Monmarthe Cafeteria WordPress Theme

$35.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Akiraka WordPress Theme

$50.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Bordeaux WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo |  Buy

The Restaurant WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Delicious Restaurant WordPress Theme

$40.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Coffee Junkie WordPress Theme

$30.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Time For Food WordPress Theme

$35.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Karma WordPress Theme

$40.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Fullscreen WordPress Theme

$50.00  |  Demo |  Buy

Bottega Cafe WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Delicious WordPress Theme

$69.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Cafe Elements WordPress Theme

$75.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Delicious Magazine WordPress Theme

$70.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Coffee Break WordPress Theme

$70.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Bon Apetit WordPress Theme

$39.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Foodilicious WordPress Theme

$65.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Restaurant WordPress Theme

$65.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Foxy WordPress Theme

$45.00  |  Demo  |  Buy

Barista WordPress Theme

$70.00  |  Demo  |  Buy


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5 responses to “34 WordPress Themes for Restaurants, Bars and Cafes”

  1. Cari Beaque says:

    Oh my! I love that Monmarthe Cafeteria template <3. I am thinking about starting up a new food/cooking blog and thought a restaurant template might be the way to go. These templates are better than anything I had in mind!

  2. Tom says:

    I truly believe that people should stick to what they know and if they run a restaurant that is what they should be concerned with. Not setting up some basic website. The should pay a professional company to do that. A website is more than just a site, it has to be their brand, fully represent them. You can’t just unzip, upload and expect to get the same results from a fully paid web design company and their product.
    After all professional website from a design company can cost thousands and these templates cost $40. How can they even compare – just remember you get what you pay for.

  3. Abi Jones says:

    Gesh Tom that’s a bit snobby, a lot of the time a small web presence is all a company is looking for, not a full page advert in the Times. These templates are great and will satisfy the needs of most companies without paying the thousands you think they should be… I am guessing you are a struggling freelance designer… a very bitter one.

  4. Brian says:

    as a graphic designer myself, i can personally tell you that wordpress is the wave of the future. Sitting there coding out everything by hand is dying… rapidly. Being a designer and having coding knowledge helps bring the wordpress to the next level with custom tweaks and elements, coupled with things we create in other design software. time is money, and this is a much easier, quicker, and efficient way to get a site up and running for a client. if tom is a designer, hopefully he knows about adapting with the market and new technology.

  5. Charlie says:

    Love the “Restaurant Design” theme, it looks really premium, except without the huge price tag. The client doesn’t know that however. Really lovely work

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