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On February 27, 2012, wrote:

Have you ever asked yourself what happens when you write a query in the search engine of Google? “Uncle Google”, as you see it now, is far more different from the one that is born in 1998. The search process is constantly being upgraded, throughout the tube for the past 14 years there are more than 7000 major algorithm changes.

Do you remember the first time when you were typing something in Google and he gave you suggestions for your query? Don’t you think it is even cooler that now he gives you not only suggestions for the landing page but also the option to preview it without actually visiting it? At first sight these commands seem simple to you but actually they are parts from the huge and complicated maze of tubes behind the curtains. With those and many other interesting and important changes in Google’s algorithm you can get familiar in the following infographic. (Just click this link to see the image in full size.)

google algorithm updates

About the author: You can view all sources, used for creating this infographic at the website of Denmark’s leading search marketing agency – Outrder.

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4 responses to “Welcome to the Google Tube of Updates”

  1. WilmaP says:

    Google is really amazing. Hope I could create a search engine site like that. After reading the infographic, I realized how far Google have become. Now almost all of the people are using Google when browsing the Internet.

  2. Karen Garcia says:

    I always used Google whenever I browse the Internet. The fun greetings on Google, the suggestions in the search box and the option to preview each search result made Google the most convenient way in searching the Internet.

  3. Sanjay says:

    I know the history of Google. I immediately searched all about Google the first time I heard of it. The one who made this is really brilliant.

  4. Roshaun Philips says:

    Google still manages to improve its process and make it more reliable and efficient despite of the comments and issues being thrown at them.

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