Social Media Marketing 101: Tips and Tools to Make Managing Twitter Easier

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Online marketing covers not only SEO; it also means using social media networks to connect and interact with your customers. Twitter is a great medium for getting backlinks to your website, while also interacting with your customers and networks. Whether you are a business or an individual, you need to take advantage of the many social media dashboards and tools for Twitter to manage your account. These tools allow you to schedule your tweets, gain new followers, and manage multiple accounts from one dashboard.

Businesses, in particular, can significantly benefit from using social media dashboards and tools. When you own your own business, you need to schedule your time to get maximum efficiency. Social media dashboards allow you to schedule tweets and automate tasks. This takes the job away from you and lets you use your time on other projects and tasks.

Social Media Dashboards

Conversocial lets you manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts from one dashboard. You get the option to read your messages, read tweets, schedule tweets and schedule status updates all from one dashboard. You no longer need to log in to each account individually. Conversocial also integrated the Facebook private messages feature so you can chat with your Facebook friends.

Raven Tools lets you manage your Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts as well. They provide a little extra service by integrated metrics or analytics into your account. Facebook also comes with its own Insights but you need at least 30 followers to get this data. Raven Tools comes with SEO tools and advertising tools. This makes Raven Tools a fully integrated online marketing platform for monitoring your campaigns.

Tweet Adder is a social media dashboard for scheduling your Twitter posts to your account. Tweet Adder claims to be able to increase your number of followers on Twitter. You also get advanced Twitter search capabilities and multiple Twitter account management.

HootSuite is a social media dashboard for managing your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare and Mixx accounts. HootSuite is a fully integrated social dashboard that allows you to manage up to five accounts (one per social media network) for free. They also provide automation services by scanning your blog’s RSS feed and automatically posting new links to your social media account. They have Pro accounts for managing multiple social media accounts.

TweetDeck is another social media dashboard that lets you manage your Facebook and Twitter accounts. TweetDeck is owned by Twitter and is the official social media dashboard for their network. It is downloadable to your computer hard drive or works as a web-based dashboard.

Social Media Tools

FollowerWonk provides metrics for your Twitter account such as follower counts, age, dormancy and account age. You also get to search Twitter bios, compare users, analyze your followers, sort your followers and track your followers. This information is provided in the form of graphs and spreadsheets for tracking your information.

Dlvr.It lets you automate posting your blog links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts. Once you establish the connection, Dlvr.It scans your blog’s RSS feed for new content. When it finds new content, it automatically posts this new link to your social media accounts for you. This type of automation is invaluable to small businesses trying to save time with their online marketing plans.

Twitaholic tracks the most popular users on Twitter. Twitaholic scans Twitter every day to determine who the most popular and prolific users on Twitter are. It then lists their stats including number of followers, account age and number of updates. They are listed in top 100 lists on Twitaholic. This is a great way to find people you want to follow on Twitter.

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3 responses to “Social Media Marketing 101: Tips and Tools to Make Managing Twitter Easier”

  1. Kyle says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more on the twitaholic option! Twitter really did a “bang” out job with this one. These days, not just in social media mind you, it’s all about connections.

  2. Laney Pitt says:

    I noticed that companies who pay attention and review their social media strategy are the ones that become successful.

  3. enajyram00 says:

    Facebook and Youtube, access and manage em both thru Raven Tools. This dashboard tool really helps me get a hold of my social media options. And tweet adder is also a very nifty tool for scheduling your twitter posts. ^^

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