How To Promote Your Brand At Major Events

On December 15th, 2012, wrote:

Many companies attend industry trade shows, conferences, and other events throughout the year in order to network with colleagues, meet the press, and interact with prospective clients or the consumer public at large. These forums provide them with a platform to wheel and deal, announce upcoming product launches for the year, and basically spread their brand name around. However, such events also tend to feature a host of other companies doing the exact same thing, which means you have to shout above the din in order to be heard (sometimes literally). And if you don’t have the biggest and loudest display on the block you could easily get lost in the shuffle. This, of course, is bad news for small businesses that are trying to compete with the massive coffers funding their corporate brethren. But even if you’re no match for the Goliaths of your industry, you can still find ways to make your mark and attract some attention for – Read the full article