This Year’s Hot Trends and Tools in Web Analytics

On September 21st, 2011, wrote:

As the digital marketing and tech world become more important to businesses, trends and tools are constantly being developed in an effort to make life easier for both employees and customers alike. Overall, analytics is swinging towards improvement for the user experience, bringing tools that aim to make management and analysis easier for organizations. The user experience trend has grown by leaps and bounds recently as businesses aim to give their customers a better experience. With the increase in the presence of social media, businesses have also been able to make the gap between buyer and seller. Because so many companies are just now starting to value social media as a major marketing tool, they are also experiencing other types of analytics and marketing tools for the first time. The presence of social media in companies’ marketing plans has pushed the value of a good connection between users and the company. The analytics of social media have really started to – Read the full article