How Do You Brand After A Bankruptcy?

On June 19th, 2013, wrote:

Getting your small business up and running again while still climbing out from under the shadow cast by a past business bankruptcy is a challenging – but entirely feasible – task. The key is to map out in advance a strategy that will help you clear the obstacles you’ll undoubtedly face. Turn the financial misadventures of your failed business into tactics that can help you avoid all the pitfalls that tripped you up in the past. Let the Past Be Your Guide Before launching any new business venture, whether it’s a revival of your original business or something altogether new, you need to look closely at your mistakes of the past. Get together with your close business associates and carefully review the factors that caused your first business to fail. You might even enlist the aid of a disinterested third party to ensure the objectivity of your review. Identify all of these factors and list them on a sheet for – Read the full article

5 Things To Consider Before Rebranding Your Business

On April 4th, 2013, wrote:

Rebranding a business is a big leap that takes careful consideration. It could make your company immensely successful, or leave you behind your competitors in the years to come. If you’re considering overhauling your brand, don’t rush into the fray. Be sure to consider these important questions before committing to any new branding strategy, and maximize your potential for success. Has Your Brand Become Outdated? The number one reason to give any brand a face lift is a loss of relevance. As markets evolve and grow, businesses and brands need to evolve along with them. Nothing is more detrimental to success than a brand that has become outdated and irrelevant. Ask yourself if your brand has lost touch with the modern age. If you’re working with an outdated brand, then you definitely need to make a change. However, you also need to make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes all over again. Who Is Your Primary Audience? In – Read the full article