Easy to Use Rank Monitoring Tool AuthorityLabs is not Rocket Science

On September 2nd, 2010, wrote:

It’s kind of stressful trying to figure out ways on how to rank better in search engines. Just figuring out where your website stands, in terms of relevant keywords, is like rocket science. Like, “Where does my culinary website appear on Google’s search results pages whenever someone searches for ‘easy homemade recipes’?” Sure, there are plenty of web-based apps and tools that promise to help you do just that. But sometimes, these apps and tools are still too expensive. Or too complicated. Their interface makes you want to squint, or hide under a desk. Enter AuthorityLabs. It’s a super simple search engine monitoring service, founded in Arizona by a guy named Chase Granberry. Basically what it does is give you the data or the feedback that you need in order to rank better. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business, an enterprise, an Internet marketing company, or an interactive communications agency; AuthorityLabs is pretty scalable – and extremely easy – Read the full article