4 Advertising Strategies Using Pay Per Click Ads

On February 21st, 2013, wrote:

Advertising through Pay Per Click is a wonderful method of getting your needed visitors when traffic is needed. The bad news is that it does bring some risks with it. You can spend a fortune with poor management, such as generating many visitors but ending up with no profit. Knowing a few strategies for a successful Pay Per Click campaign will help you reach your goals. For marketing professionals online, strategies for Pay Per Click need to be on your short list. Pay per click ads will help you narrow down and attract customers that are more qualified to your website. Whether you are an online marketing newbie or have been doing this for a while and are attempting to do PPC as an alternative type of promotion, going through with it will definitely do wonders for your visibility. Here are 4 PPC marketing strategies that you need to know. 1. Research Keywords Learn how to use the Google Keywords tool – Read the full article

Using Google Remarketing To Target Website Visitors Who Didn’t Convert

On January 29th, 2013, wrote:

If you have a website, you know how important quality traffic is. You do your best to market your product/service, and expect to receive a healthy dose of conversions as a result. Regardless of your status or page ranking, however, there will always be visitors that come and go without ever converting. In the world of internet marketing, they are referred to as the ones that got away. Thanks to Google, this does not mean these searchers are lost to the wayside. Fortunately, remarketing is a process that can allow you to grab their attention once more, and hopefully get them to come back. Think of it as Google’s way of giving your site a second chance. By leveraging specific ads within the visitor’s network, remarketing essentially involves targeting those users that have previously visited your page. The technique is quite easy to implement, and the rewards can be tremendous. Whether you are looking to sell a product or simply – Read the full article

Benefits Of Investing In Pay Per Click Services

On January 17th, 2013, wrote:

Pay per click services present huge opportunities for optimistic online marketers whose sole aim is to reap the most from their efforts. The following article will take you through all the nitty-gritty of this beaming form of marketing. How Does It Work? PPC advertising works though a bidding process; unlike typical advertising campaigns, its cost structure is action-driven. Each time a user clicks on a sponsored link; the pay per click engine subtracts a given amount of funds based on the provided bids for the selected keywords. What Are Some of Its Benefits? You Only Pay for What Is Necessary Pay per click marketing operates in a very straight forward manner. You only pay for people who visit your website. In other forms of marketing, you have to pay huge sums of money without being exactly sure whether someone is actually going to click on your link. It Gives You an Opportunity to Deal with a Targeted Audience Not every – Read the full article

Using Current Internet Technology To Improve Your Advertising Campaign

On December 27th, 2011, wrote:

The Internet has definitely changed the way we interact with both friends and family and with businesses and consumers, with the Web becoming an important way for companies to target and advertise their products and services to customers. And if you’re looking for great ways to reach out to potential consumers, then the latest raft of current Internet technology could help you. The Internet has become our first port of call when it comes to accessing information, mainly thanks to its speed and ease of use. And with more homes, schools, and businesses making use of online services, online advertising is now big business. Gone are the days of mass print runs and expensive magazine and newspaper spreads. Now, with cable Internet providers offering fast connection speeds, E-mailing and mobile phones have become the new way to communicate. And the advertising and online marketing professionals have seen this change and made sure their campaigns follow suit. Advertising using the Internet has become – Read the full article

The New Google +1 Button: The Battle of the Buttons

On April 7th, 2011, wrote:

The Facebook “Like” button has a new friend. Or rather, a new “competitor”. After a series of unsuccessful attempts to incorporate social into search – such as Orkut, Buzz, Wave – Google is launching what observers believe can serve as a rival product to Facebook’s “Like” button. It’s called the Google “+1” Button. In an announcement made last week on the official Google blog, the search engine giant is rolling out the new +1 button as a way for users to share their recommendations to others, as well as to give a “public stamp of approval” on search results and linked sites that they like. This then enables other Google users to find more relevant – and more social – search results. “Sometimes it’s easier to find exactly what you’re looking for when someone you know already found it,” reads the explanation on the Google +1 Button page. “Get recommendations for the things that interest you, right when you want – Read the full article

How Can a PPC Management Company Improve Your Business?

On January 16th, 2011, wrote:

Successful modern businesses know that the best way to cash in on an ever-decreasing post-credit crunch consumer market is to gain trade online. Any entrepreneur who has noted the decline in passing high street trade and dipped their toe into the web market will know that gaining a share of online business is a complex process. One extremely important piece of the Web marketing puzzle is pay-per-click (or PPC) advertising. What is PPC? PPC advertising offers businesses access to an intensely targeted range of online marketing services. Depending on their own needs and the perceived habits of their potential client base, websites can draw in customers using a number of clever targeting techniques. PPC advertising is offered by online giants, such as Google and Yahoo, and by social networking sites like Facebook. It also comes in bespoke form through professional PPC companies, who can place PPC anchor text links in web copy posted on third-party sites and blogs. Choosing a PPC – Read the full article

Googles New Product Listing Ads: Search Ads Now Come with Pictures

On November 13th, 2010, wrote:

The online advertising arena is just about to get a lot more interesting. In an announcement made Thursday on the Inside AdWords blog, Google says it is launching a new type of online advertising that will appear in its search results – called Product Listing Ads. States Dan Friedman, Google spokesperson: “We wanted to introduce a basic ad format that makes it easy for (advertisers) to promote (their) entire product inventory while still providing potential customers with high-quality, relevant results.” While Google’s text-only search ads – AdWords – have served as its bread and butter for awhile now, Product Listing Ads work slightly differently. First, they’re a lot more visual: advertisers can now list specific products with accompanying images/pictures, instead of just lines of text (“Sponsored Links”) that are placed next to the search results that are based on the keywords that people enter into their search queries. According to Google, people are twice as likely to click on these – Read the full article