How To Get Customers To Buy From Your Small Business

On September 6th, 2012, wrote:

You’re a small business owner with a great product. The problem is that almost no one knows about your product or your company. The big players can afford to pour thousands, if not millions of dollars into advertising and public relations. While you can’t hope to match those figures, you can generate buzz around your company that inspires customers to open their bill folders and pocketbooks to buy. Speak Up If your company provides services or products that require a high level of expertise, let people know! Offer your speaking services to companies that provide complimentary products or services. For instance, a master carpenter could approach furniture showrooms to educate customers on how to spot well-made pieces. If you’re an artist, inquire with your local supplier about setting up an easel to provide quick portraits of customers browsing in the store. Such events represent a win-win situation for you and the merchant by providing an event that has the potential – Read the full article

Ultimate List of Top 43 OpenCart Templates

On January 20th, 2012, wrote:

If you’re going to ask us here at Lakeshore Branding which e-commerce platform we would recommend, there’s one answer: Magento. Why? Because it’s loaded with powerful features to help you drive sales: features like product browsing, analytics and reporting, catalog and order management, secure checkout, international support, and an array of marketing promotions and tools. (You can find out more about the platform here.) We’ll understand, though, if you choose to go with something else. Hey, to each his own, right? And there are loads of e-commerce solutions and shopping cart systems to choose from. One of these is OpenCart, an open-source e-commerce platform that’s as feature-rich, easy-to-use, and search-engine-friendly as Magento. Frankly, you won’t go wrong with either. We’ll even help you out developing your online store if you like. Anyway, like Magento, OpenCart also enables you to customize the way your online store looks and works. Because it’s an “out-of-the-box” solution, you can just install it, choose your – Read the full article

Is Your Cell Phone Exposing You to Identity Theft?

On October 11th, 2011, wrote:

Protecting your identity involves protecting anything that contains your personal information. And your cell phone or smart phone contains more data about you than you may even realize. Smart phones today are basically small computers, except they often do not have anti-virus protection on them. We use these devices for surfing the internet, checking bank accounts, and even making monetary transactions. The secret service has been trying to fight against identity theft and is recommending a cell phone firewall for all cell phone users to help guard against this kind of electronic hacking. People are spending more time on their phones as they are capable of doing more things. One of the most vulnerable aspects of using your cell phone is online banking. These connections are supposed to be secure, but if you are able to access your bank account by just pressing a button on your phone, then a thief who steals your phone can do the same thing. – Read the full article

Letting Testimonials Speak for You: A Guide to Soliciting and Maximizing Customer Reviews

On March 16th, 2011, wrote:

According to a study by Forrester Research, 71 percent of online shoppers read customer reviews before making a purchase decision. That’s close to three out of every four! Enough for us to have to seriously take this insight, one that serves as yet another proof that, when it comes to winning new customers (and bringing in new business) a satisfied customer or a loyal fan just might be your most potent sales rep. Oh, and it’s also probably a good idea to start soliciting customer reviews and testimonials. Why? More than techniques to manage your online reputation, reviews and testimonials can act as the worms that bait the fish. (Worms: a funny word to describe that which persuades shoppers to buy and mere visitors to become customers.) Need advice on soliciting – and maximizing the potency of – customer reviews and testimonials? Here’s a quick guide: Soliciting Reviews Ask for it. Your customers may never know that you want their – Read the full article

2010 Holidays Brings in Surge in Online Sales

On December 31st, 2010, wrote:

It has been a happy holiday season indeed – especially for online shoppers, retailers, and the rest of the e-Commerce industry. According to surveys by both MasterCard Advisors’ SpendingPulse and marketing research firm comScore, online sales in the United States jumped by as much as 15 percent this 2010, with the figures reaching as high as $36.4 billion in the three-month period of October 31 to December 22. This marks a significant increase from last year’s $31.5 billion. Daily online sales, moreover, reached $1 billion on six days this 2010, compared to only three days last year. SpendingPulse describes the surge as being spurred by aggressive online marketing by Web-based retailers. Gian Fulgoni, chairman of comScore, added: “After the past few years’ struggles, it is gratifying to see e-Commerce return to a state that can only be described as a very merry holiday shopping season.” The 2010 online holiday sales were also helped by a late surge in spending, with – Read the full article

Holiday Shopping Online Offers Unique Advantages Over Local Shopping

On November 29th, 2010, wrote:

According to eMarketer, shoppers are expected to spend 14.2% more shopping online in 2010 than in 2009. Are you part of the trend? Should you care if you aren’t? Shopping online has much more to offer than an expanded selection. You may not have thought about how much gas you spend driving to multiple stores or the impulse buys that creep into your cart. Before you dive in head first, consider these hidden benefits to shopping online versus shopping at bricks and mortar stores. Wish Lists Eliminate Guesswork: Many of us have had it with giving (and, if we’re honest, getting) bad gifts. We’re pretty confident that Uncle Alfred doesn’t want another necktie, but we inevitably buy one for him anyway. Most sites know that we’re frustrated with guessing how to buy for someone and put wish lists directly on their sites. Feel weird about telling people what you want? List Ideas, Kaboodle, and Boxed Up make it a cinch to make your own lists – Read the full article