Ultimate List of Top 43 OpenCart Templates

On January 20th, 2012, wrote:

If you’re going to ask us here at Lakeshore Branding which e-commerce platform we would recommend, there’s one answer: Magento. Why? Because it’s loaded with powerful features to help you drive sales: features like product browsing, analytics and reporting, catalog and order management, secure checkout, international support, and an array of marketing promotions and tools. (You can find out more about the platform here.) We’ll understand, though, if you choose to go with something else. Hey, to each his own, right? And there are loads of e-commerce solutions and shopping cart systems to choose from. One of these is OpenCart, an open-source e-commerce platform that’s as feature-rich, easy-to-use, and search-engine-friendly as Magento. Frankly, you won’t go wrong with either. We’ll even help you out developing your online store if you like. Anyway, like Magento, OpenCart also enables you to customize the way your online store looks and works. Because it’s an “out-of-the-box” solution, you can just install it, choose your – Read the full article

9 Amazing Shopify Templates to Boost Your Sales and Enhance Your Web Presence

On December 28th, 2011, wrote:

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you probably know that we’re crazy about Magento. But that doesn’t mean that we’re not willing to give other platforms their due – because we most certainly are. Shopify, for example, is an equally viable e-Commerce solution for anyone who has ever thought of building an online store, boosting sales, and enhancing Internet presence. The platform is growing very quickly, too, with over 16,000 Shopify stores to date. Like Magento, Shopify features an easy-to-use store builder, as well as a set of fully customizable store designs. (If you’re good with codes like HTML and CSS, you can create your own design from scratch.) It’s also integrated with a number of today’s most popular payment gateways, including PayPal, Authorize.Net, Google Checkout, QuickBooks Merchant Services, ePay, and more. Shopify caps off its rich feature set with unlimited e-Commerce hosting, which includes automatic updates and backups, Level 1 PCI compliance, unlimited bandwidth, and its own – Read the full article

E-Commerce: Launching Your Online Business

On December 1st, 2011, wrote:

Every business shares a common goal – to survive, grow and prosper. In today’s fast-track competitive world, businesses large and small must turn to new measures in order to evolve, grow or simply stay afloat. Ecommerce website development can offer growth opportunities of enormous proportion for businesses from all sectors. This is mostly due to the advent of highly improved and user friendly web services (Ed’s note: services like our favorite, Magento) available across the web that have literally carved a place in the hearts of online users. As an online business owner, the employment of technological advances in e-Commerce website design can mean the difference between the success and failure of your business objectives. Accordingly, it is important to understand exactly what an ecommerce website is and how to get started with one. Basically, an ecommerce website is a virtual representation of your physical business. Interestingly, most business owners grow to learn that the biggest difference between an ecommerce – Read the full article

Powerful Features of Magento Commerce

On November 20th, 2011, wrote:

Magento is an ecommerce script which is said to be more authoritative for ecommerce and was developed by Varien. Magento uses Zend PHP and MYSQL databases and is said to be an open source program. It is said to be more flexible in nature along with the modular structure and is totally capable of being scaled and also possesses a vast range of management options which most of the users of magento are fond of. Magento is more superior in nature and presents your products in a very powerful manner. You can create your products catalog easily and also manage it. Varien previously worked with osCommerce and they intended to diverge osCommerce but then decided to redraft and rephrase it and hence it resulted in the formation of Magento. Magento was started to develop in 2007 and in the month of august in the same year, a public beta version was announced and in 2010, Magento mobile was made available – Read the full article

38 Inspiring Premium Magento Themes

On September 14th, 2011, wrote:

When it comes to e-commerce, Magento has really staked its claim as the most modern and widely used e-commerce platform. Magento is perfect for e-commerce businesses that want to have a strong online store presence. We scoured the web to find 38 of the most beautiful premium Magento Themes. Here is a great list for anyone that might be interested in upgrading their current Magento based site or for someone that wants to open an ecommerce site. Either way, these themes are beautiful to look at, so even if you don’t end up using any of them, you can definitely get some inspiration. We compiled these themes from a wide range of websites & believe we have accrued a well rounded collection of some of the best and most beautiful Magento themes. They are all organized according to the website that sells them. Enjoy! Boutique – Magento Theme $80 Demo Buy Sheets Magento Commerce Theme $90 Demo Buy T-Shirt Store – Read the full article

Great E-commerce Tips for Selling Online: Getting Started

On April 30th, 2011, wrote:

Over the recent years, consumers have been spending billions of dollars at e-Commerce sites. With the growth of online business, e-Commerce has become a very viable venture. Many people even begin an e-Commerce website as their main business. If you have a physical location where you operate your business from, beginning an e-Commerce website can provide an extra sales channel for you. Creating a site for selling coupons, services, or products online, however, involves a lot of research and planning. The following are steps you can take in starting an online business. Establish a business and marketing plan: Set up a meeting with your team members or business partners. Brainstorm together and write out all the plans in one document. The plan should include all startup and recurring expenses. Set up an overall sales forecast and expense budget. Choose a good domain name which will help customers find you: You need to choose a domain name for your website that – Read the full article

Leveraging M Commerce with Magento for Mobile

On December 22nd, 2010, wrote:

In the world of e-commerce, Magento is king.  Lauded as “the leading e-commerce platform provider,” Magento is the front runner for businesses looking to reach their online customers. However, with the current acceleration of the smartphone and their apps, a new buying phenomena has emerged, Mobile Commerce, or m-commerce. M-commerce can be defined as the process of conducting commerce by transferring ownership of goods or services via a mobile device.  With the exponential growth of m-commerce, it is imperative your products be available for purchase at your customers’ fingertips 24/7. While your competitors fight for market share in e-commerce, your brand can get a leg up on the competition using Magento for Mobile.  Your customers and potential customers may not always be near a computer, but they will always be near their phones. In just a few easy steps, you can leverage m-commerce using Magento themes for Mobile.  It comes at an extremely reasonable monthly fee, with the option for full technical management by – Read the full article

Magento Books: Compiled List of Guide Books on Magento eCommerce

On October 24th, 2010, wrote:

Magento is, perhaps, today’s most evolved e-Commerce platform. If you’ve been reading this blog, then you’ll know by now how much we here at Lakeshore Branding love the solution. Magento e-Commerce’s flexibility, rich feature set, SEO-friendly capabilities, and comprehensive merchandising and marketing features make it an ideal platform of online stores and sellers (regardless of size) as well as for shoppers (regardless of demographic or budget). Looking to design, develop, implement, or fully customize your own Magento-powered store? Don’t worry yourself sick trying to figure it out by yourself. (Newbie-ness doesn’t have to be so awful.) There’s a bunch of Magento e-Commerce books – by Varien, the official developer, and by independent programmers and designers – that should help you every step of the way, no matter your level of skill and expertise in Magento. Yes, books: these are still as good an educational tool as any. We’ve compiled a list of the best of them. Take a look: Magento – Read the full article