The Importance Of Google Authorship For Companies

On February 19th, 2013, wrote:

Companies that publish through their blog, who invest in content marketing or use SEO to bring in business, are losing out by not taking advantage of authorship. Authorship is basically Google’s way of allocating content back to the original author. The goal of authorship was to tackle many issues such as duplicate content, copyright issues, and web spam. However, the bigger purpose of authorship was to actually differentiate quality content from mediocre or poor content. By leveraging the Google+ network, users are able to determine the quality of the content through shares, +1s, comments, and more. This affects the popularity of the content, contributes to a site’s search engine rankings and also helps bring in traffic to the publisher. 3 Reasons Why Every Company Should Use Google Authorship 1. It Helps Build Visibility, Presence, and Authority Through Your Content It’s getting more difficult to get seen out there with all the competition these days. Google’s authorship system will help content – Read the full article

What’s The Real Plan Behind Google Authorship?

On February 14th, 2013, wrote:

The latest link building technique that’s being touted as the up and coming way to rank better for your published content is to claim authorship by linking from your content to your Google Plus account and from your Google Plus account to your content. If you didn’t already have a Google Plus account, now you must create one. It seems there must be much more to this plan than putting your pretty face next to the search result for your content. SEO forecasts indicate that this technique will help Google weed out the spammers and allow claimed content to establish your authority. But, what does it mean for Google? This is the question everyone is dying to know. With all the hype and buzz going around about Google Authorship, it’s quite impossible for any self-respecting internet user to be unaware of this “change.” More Links to Google Plus If you weren’t already creating links to Google (as if the search – Read the full article

Google’s New Authorship Markup Connects Authors to their Content

On June 30th, 2011, wrote:

Great content comes from great authors. At least that’s what Google thinks. That’s why, in an effort to recognize the people who write original stuff on the Web, the search engine company has recently rolled out a new authorship markup feature. “(It’s) a way to connect authors with their content on the Web,” wrote Google software engineer Othar Hansson in a company blog post. “We’re experimenting with using this data to help people find content from great authors in our search results.” It gets a little technical, but the development is in line with Google’s attempt to encourage more original content to be published on the Web, all while minimizing the influence and performance of low-quality content (from content farms) in search results. Google’s support for authorship markup extends to include: Prominently displaying the names of authors of articles within search results Enabling people to use Google search results to learn more about, find other works by, or contact and – Read the full article