5 Tips To Better Email Marketing

On April 13th, 2013, wrote:

Is your small business embarking on an email marketing campaign but has questions on precisely how to handle it? These five tips can really help you get a handle on the campaign and steer it in the right direction. Marketing doesn’t have to be complicated when you understand the concept. Always remember to: Keep it Friendly and Gender-Neutral Unless you have a women-only list (for example) or a business truly specific to one sex, always keep your emails gender-neutral. Nothing is going to rile Bob up more than being called Ma’am. You should also remember to be friendly, a little less formal, with these type of campaigns. Remember they gave you their information, it isn’t a “cold call”. However, there is the line between being friendly and being inappropriate. Keep the jokes and anything that may be misinterpreted out. Don’t Email Just to Email Unless you have something direct to say, don’t just email them to be emailing them. Your – Read the full article

Internet Marketing: How Emails Help To Generate Traffic For Your Blog

On March 22nd, 2013, wrote:

Emails are one of the best forms of internet marketing which can help you in getting new visitors to your blog. However, this marketing option has always been an ignored idea by many marketers for traffic generation. In fact, emails help you in getting a more precise kind of traffic, which may require loads of efforts with other options. The reason why emails are more effective because the first thing anyone today does is to check their email inbox. People get alerts over their phone devices the moment they get any new email over their inbox. People are still serious in checking their emails  despite having other forms of communication options. Ironically, despite having loads of potential attached to emails, marketers and bloggers still tend to overlook this option. In order to reap the benefits from this internet marketing option, it is important to understand how emails help in generating traffic for your blog. Let’s explore this. The email newsletter – Read the full article

Your Social Media Checklist for Launching a Product

On September 16th, 2010, wrote:

One of the most exciting milestones that can be achieved by any business owner or retailer is a product or service launch. It marks the fruit of all the hard work that had been done. A launch, however, can also be one of the most terrifying, stressful, and expensive projects that you, as a business owner, will ever have to take on. So why not do it via social media? Traditionally, product launches feature a mix of advertising and PR efforts, pushed by a huge corporate event, media banquet, or some kind of conference. Yes, these still work. But what if you ran a business that was Internet-based? What if a great deal of Internet usage is critical in your day-to-day operations? What if you want to test the waters of Web 2.0 and use social media as your platform for launching a product or service? Don’t think it’s not possible. While many perceive social media as something that only – Read the full article

7 Tips on Writing Irresistible Subject Lines for your Email Campaign

On June 8th, 2010, wrote:

An E-mail marketing campaign is a great, cost-effective way to communicate your messages to a target audience – but only, of course, if you get them to actually open the E-mails that have come from you. Which isn’t guaranteed: sometimes you spend hours crafting a message for your campaign and when it finally gets to the inboxes of your mailing list and subscribers, they just delete it without ever reading. The wasted effort! The lost time! The missed opportunities! Don’t worry. There is a solution, and it comes in the form of a great, irresistible subject line. While it’s easy to think that your recipients will hardly care about it, the text you write out in the subject line is one of the single most important factors in the success of your E-mail marketing campaign. It separates the kind of E-mail that goes straight to the trash bin and the kind of E-mail that grabs the attention and tickles one’s – Read the full article

Secrets for Creating Effective Email Marketing

On November 24th, 2009, wrote:

So you’re thinking of implementing an E-mail campaign. The challenge is obvious: what can you really do to make sure that those E-mails get opened and read before they’re sent to trash? Cool, sleek graphics? A hard-to-resist subject line? Persuasive copy? Below we explore more tips and strategies for creating a successful E-mail campaign. Of course, these extend beyond hiring the best graphic artist in the world, or waxing poetic on the sales pitch contained in your E-mail. Use A/B split testing Success often comes after lots of trial and error. Better, of course, if it’s trial instead of error. So try A/B split tests. These entail experimenting with E-mail campaigns by using different headlines and content. Find out from these tests the answers to questions like: Which subject line gets me better open rates? What time and what day works best for my E-mail campaign? Are times and dates even factors in my click rate? There’s lots of A/B – Read the full article