5 Tips To Help Eradicate Spam

On August 25th, 2011, wrote:

It is quite common to open your email inbox and find pages of unsolicited emails. Putting an E-mail address out there on the Internet usually results in unwanted mail filling your inbox before you have a chance to delete and block it. Sorting through this spam mail is not only time consuming, but is an aggravation most of us will agree we could do without. Here are some tips to help a savvy domain owner and email user utilize the tools at their fingertips to reduce the amount of spam mail received, and possibly eradicate it altogether. Identify Spam Mail Using SpamAssassin Offered as part of the cPanel interface and available for Windows and Linux through the Plesk interface, this weapon against spam is often overlooked by users. Although disabled by default, you can put this tool to use by choosing to enable SpamAssassin in your mail settings. It is possible to configure SpamAssassin to blacklist and block a sender’s – Read the full article