How Small Businesses Benefit From Online File Sharing

On November 23rd, 2012, wrote:

As a small business owner, you may recognize the need to share files with clients, customers, associates and even employees. In the past, FTP has been the preferred method for sharing large files online. Because FTP transfers have been notoriously unreliable, small business owners must rely on other methods to share files and collaborate with colleagues; online file sharing services are quickly becoming the go-to method of storing and sharing information. Here are five benefits of online file sharing for the small business owner: 1.Bounce-Backs are Eliminated In the past, business owners utilizing FTP as a file sharing resource experienced high amounts of frustration. Transferring large files through FTP can take several minutes. Waiting for a file to send, only to be alerted a few seconds later that it was too large is a common occurrence. Online file sharing eliminates the instance of bounce-back to almost nil. 2.Instant Sharing Small business owners can share their files in a virtual instant – Read the full article