16 Step SEO Checklist Before Launching a Website

On January 4th, 2011, wrote:

SEO isn’t just an additional step to perform when you are launching a website.  It is a process that needs to be implemented throughout the entire website manufacturing process.  Whether you are hiring a SEO professional or optimizing your website yourself, there are certain crucial steps that you cannot neglect in order to fully optimize your website. SEO can be a very confusing concept to grasp; and while new websites must optimize their page rank, they may have no idea where to start optimizing.  Luckily, Danny Dover over at SEOmoz created a checklist that clears the fog on what a thorough SEO process entails. The Checklist: CRUCIAL 1. Targeting– Is each page focusing on one optimal keyword?  This will make it very easy to figure out what each page is relevant for.  Choose a ranking keyword phrase to distinguish each page.  Each following step will need to remain relevant to this keyword phrase. 2. Content- One of the biggest phrases in SEO is – Read the full article

How to Update the URL Structure on an eCommerce Website

On November 22nd, 2010, wrote:

We have been working with a client who asked us to help him rebuild his e-commerce website that has not seen any major updates in over 15 years. The site has continued to expand with new products over the years, but his content management system was in need of a massive upgrade. Whenever we take on any new web projects, one of the first things we analyze is the SEO of the site. We ask ourselves, how do we keep the current rankings and how do we improve the rankings after the launch. This site defiantly had some unique challenges, today I am going to share how we are approaching the URL redirects for our client’s aged website. We had a few ideas, for this store with thousands of products. Our ideas started with the concept of ripping it off like a bandaid and just 301 everything. Then we thought maybe it would be better to launch the new site – Read the full article