Help, Our Image Is In Trouble

On May 29th, 2013, wrote:

Did your company or business hit a rough patch in the form of a legal issue or social media meltdown? Did you file for bankruptcy or have a hate campaign target you online? No matter what the issue, taking care of your business image is your number one priority and you’ll need to get it cleaned up and put back out there. But how? These tips and tricks can help you clean up your image. Bury It On Google This one isn’t quick, but it’s effective. If you can get alternate domains for your business (such as .net and .org), have these redirect to your company page. You won’t have to build up multiple versions of your webpage or have to keep up with more, just have one main site and the rest of them to “mirror” the content. This will help keep you high in the search engines with content you want people to see. This way you won’t – Read the full article

How “Affordable Branding” Could Be Your Most Powerful Tool

On May 7th, 2013, wrote:

Small businesses out there, especially those in the service industry, take note. Many entrepreneurs have the vision and creativity for limitless branding potential for their new company, but all the capital is wrapped up in the startup’s essentials. While this can be seen as a burden to most, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Branding on a budget creates an honest and up-front perspective of what your business is all about, and your potential customers will see those earnest efforts when shopping around. Build Around Your Vision Too many marketers out there tell themselves “I want to be a social media guru” or “I want to rock SEO” before they even know the vision of their company. Don’t create a mission around your marketing strategy. Create a marketing strategy around your mission. The best example on the top of the corporate ladder is Apple. At any point did you see Apple use a medium to create their vision? Steve Jobs – Read the full article

Is My Competition Speaking Ill Of Our Brand?

On May 3rd, 2013, wrote:

You’ve been working hard to establish your brand. After months of social networking, content creation, and super marketing strategies you feel secure that you’ve done everything in your power to create a great brand. People are responding to your efforts and sales are rolling in. Suddenly you find that one of your competitors have been speaking ill of your brand. What do you do? Some people use new marketing strategies, some go on the PR offensive, and still others hire a lawyer. What options do you have if the competition is taking pot shots at your brand? What’s The Truth? If your competition is bad mouthing a bad move on your part, then take it in stride. As long as the competitor is telling the truth, this isn’t considered libel or slander. What you can do is empathize how you have changed, how you have improved the product or service, and use that to your advantage. Being gracious is better than – Read the full article

Top 5 Brand Building Tips for Musicians

On April 11th, 2013, wrote:

As a musician, you might not feel like you have a brand, at least not in the same way that a mega-corporation has a brand. But aside from obvious considerations like logos and mission statements, you certainly do have some kind of image to uphold, and if you want any hope of being successful you’re going to have to market yourself. Of course, this is done mainly through your music, but however you present yourself to the public, including the type of music you play, the way you dress, and how you act, you’re working to build a brand, whether you realize it or not. And being aware of what you’re doing and the impact it has is an important part of turning your pipe dream into an actual career. So here are just a few tips that will help you to build a brand that appeals to people as both music lovers and consumers. Consider your image. A closet – Read the full article

Does My Team Understand The Importance Of Branding?

On April 3rd, 2013, wrote:

Branding is a crucial part of any company’s marketing. It helps you create a cohesive image for your company, and promises your customers a uniform quality and experience anytime they shop with you. In order to properly promote your brand, you’ll need to get your whole team on board — and that means laying out the groundwork for how you’ll define and share your message. Here are a few things to keep in mind while developing a branding strategy for your small business: Define Your Brand This may sound like a no-brainer, but many companies don’t present a strong enough image to stick in the minds of their customers. Before you begin promoting your business brand, meet with your team and clearly define your company’s vision and the value you bring to customers. This definition will help you create a strong company logo, and will help chart the course of your other marketing efforts. It also makes it easier to define your – Read the full article

Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, But Could Your Brand Be?

On March 14th, 2013, wrote:

Internet marketing Sherpa Seth Godin describes a brand as the combination of something that predicts what to expect, multiplied by the emotional power of that expectation. Building a magnetic brand is the holy grail of the business world in 2013. Finding that grail may be a bit of an expedition, but it’s certainly a journey worth taking. To build the ultimate online presence for your brand, a multi-pronged approach is essential. Branding expert David Brier reminds us that branding requires a very broad strategy, and attacking just one point most likely won’t allow your brand to stand out to its full potential. That’s why juggling the major pillars of online brand management is a foundational part of getting recognition, sales and growth. Social Media Building Once you have established your mission statement, “about us,” logos, profiles and site copy, it’s time to create your social media pages. They should be a reflection of your brand, but kept lighter and more – Read the full article

Brand Identity And Brand Strategy

On February 9th, 2013, wrote:

A brand is a prestigious asset of any organization. It could be anything from name to design; usually, brand is referred to the design, symbol or any other feature which can identify one seller’s product or service as different from other sellers who deal in the same product. The outward expression of a product like trademark, communication, visual appearance and name is brand identity. It reflects how an association wants to be professed in the market. Organizations needs to communicate with consumers through marketing strategies and branding. It may include elements such as brand culture, brand vision, personality, positioning, presentations and relationships. There is a strong link between brand image and brand identity. Normally, brand identity develops from the company but brand image is acknowledged by the customer. With the help of brand identity you can showcase the firm’s reality. It leads to brand preference and brand loyalty, good prices, high credibility and good financial returns. A successful product identity – Read the full article

Top Tips To Designing The Right Logo For Your Business

On November 4th, 2012, wrote:

Designing the right logo is vital for your brand image. A logo can become an important factor in brand recognition, probably more so than your company name and so it is important that you spend time researching exactly what type of colors, fonts and design work would best represent your brand message. Here we outline top tips to consider when first deciding upon what kind of logo to use: Research, Research, Research – Depending on whether this is a new brand design or a redesign will decide your research approach. The first thing you are going to want to do is perform a SWOT analysis and also think about the profile of the customer you want to attract. How old are they?, What do they like to do?  This kind of profiling will allow you to identify not only your brand values that should be represented in the logo but also the customer who may be turned off by too – Read the full article