34 E-Commerce WordPress Themes to Make Online Shopping a Breeze

On January 10th, 2017, wrote:

If you think E-commerce is just a fad – poised to flounder amidst economic crises – then think again. Thanks to the increasing popularity of smartphones and tablets, millions more people are shopping online and on-the-go. In fact, in a recent article by eMarketer, it was reported that mobile commerce (“M-commerce”) sales (including travel) in the US grew by 91.4% to reach $6.7 billion. And that’s just mobile. If one were also to consider the continued expansion of Wi-Fi availability across the US and all over the world, one will come to understand that E-commerce – regardless of the device driving it – is here to stay. WordPress E-commerce themes That’s why we created this fresh new list of WordPress e-commerce themes – to help you find the best possible look for your WordPress store. If you’re… giving your WordPress-powered site, blog, E-commerce site, or online store a makeover to herald the New Year, looking for ways to improve the – Read the full article

Our Blog Can Be Better Than This

On April 5th, 2013, wrote:

So the company has a blog…now what? There is always room for improvement, particularly if the company blog is not getting any traffic, not engaging with the customers or clients, not attracting new business, and not facilitating sales. If not, why not? The company blog can certainly be better than it is and now is a good time to find out how to successfully propel it into the blogosphere to get some attention. Why Blog? Blogs are everywhere; nearly anyone with a sense of the impact of social media recognizes the importance of using blogs for generating business. With an ever-increasing number of consumers using social media and digital apps to meet their social and professional networking needs, as well as to access consumer reports and to order products and services online—it just makes good business sense to set up and maintain an appealing, “grab their attention” kind of blog. How to Improve Traffic to the Blog One of the – Read the full article

5 Ways To Protect Your Brand Online

On March 3rd, 2013, wrote:

When you think of a big red bull’s eye, what store comes to mind? Is it Target? Now how about the golden arches? Is it McDonald’s? These are just two examples of why it’s important to not just create a brand but do all that you can to protect it—both online and off. Branding is what people use to associate themselves with your company. Branding is what develops your reputation. In short, branding is essential to the success of your business. Therefore, there is simply no way that a company can thrive in this day and age without making sure that it does all that it can to be seen as both professional and reliable in every way. So, if you are looking for some suggestions on how to protect your own business’s brand online, we have five tips for you below: Monitor your brand. One of the best things about having a presence on the internet is that there – Read the full article

5 Ways To Expand Your Business Branding Online

On February 15th, 2013, wrote:

The internet has brought a whole new frontier of marketing potential for businesses seeking to build their brands. Branding is endlessly important in business as it generates not only exposure, but loyalty. In every industry from electronics to clothing, good businesses create customers who are fiercely loyal to their brand. Expanding your business branding online will help you build such a loyal following, and you can get started without spending a fortune by following a few simple guidelines. Maintain an Active Blog Millions of individuals all over the world have taken to the internet as a writing platform, and blogging has exploded into one of the most significant publishing movements in recent history. Use this to your advantage and start building your brand. Blogs are almost entirely self-regulated, which means you have complete creative control and the ability to publish your content instantly. Use your blog to reach out to your customers and connect with them on a more personal – Read the full article

How Infographics Can Contribute To Your Blog’s Success

On October 20th, 2012, wrote:

Infographics are becoming more and more popular every day. They are a great way to show your blog readers useful information from your blog. They can also help your blog be more successful and help it grow in many different ways. You can either create one yourself if you know how, learn how to create them and then make one for your blog, pay someone else to do it for you or find one that someone has already created and who is willing to share it with you. Either way, try an infographic to grow your blog and make it more successful. Here are some ways an infographic can help you grow your blog and make it more successful. Provide Visuals When it comes to bringing in more visitors to your blog, you only have a few seconds to hook them in so they will stick around for a while. Providing them with visuals is one good way to do – Read the full article

How Personal Should I Be On My Blog? And Other Burning Blogger Questions Answered

On July 26th, 2012, wrote:

How personal should I get on my blog? How often should I take breaks from blogging? When should I start a second blog? These are some examples of the burning questions bloggers have and in this article, we’ll answer them all. How personal should I get on my blog? At the risk of sounding repetitive, how personal you get on your blog is your own decision to make. It completely depends on why the blog exists in the first place and who is running it. If it is a personal blog, then you will have more leeway – anyone who drops by a personal blog anticipates writing that is candid and potentially emotional. Business blogs, on the other hand, should have a professional tone, unless it is a blog for a company whose brand aims to be casual at all times. Just because you can get away with divulging all of your inner thoughts through a personal blog does not – Read the full article

How to Grab MORE Attention For Your Blog

On February 20th, 2012, wrote:

Attention is what visitors pay to your blog if they find your content creative, interesting, original and inspiring. However, one of the realities of blogosphere is that people don’t stay on any page for very long. But how do they understand that your content really rocks? Usually, a Web user scans a page and decides within a few seconds if it’s worth staying on it and reading further or not. That’s why it is of vital importance to grab a reader’s attention by all possible means. The best blogs not only include amazing content, but they also look good. They invite visitors in to read more because they’re visually appealing. Fortunately, there are some easy tricks you can use to make your blog posts look great and grab visitors’ attention to your content. Write a click-worthy headline A catchy title is 80% of your success. If it’s catchy, intriguing or provocative, it will surely impel visitors to click on it – Read the full article

CONTENT CREATION 101: Best Blogging Tips for Writing a Successful Blog

On February 17th, 2012, wrote:

Anyone can write a blog. It is that easy. Writing a successful blog is where hard work as well as a stroke of genius is required. However, even if you find the genius in you has gone into sleep mode, there are tricks of the trade that can be learned. By knowing what it takes to write a successful blog, you can incorporate that into practice and make your blog into a popular, lucrative one. 1. Have a specific theme that you are going to write the next 5000 blogs of your life on: Sure, what you really want to write are “My Ramblings” and “My Crazy Life” etc. But, if you really want to make your blog popular and lucrative, better write on a subject that is in some way common to you and everyone else. For example, you can write a blog on pets by using examples of your dog. However, don’t make it only about your dog. You can write a blog – Read the full article