Skills You Should Have to Become a Good Web Designer

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Web design is a fast-growing industry given today’s technology and Internet frenzy. To be a good Web designer / developer, one needs to possess a certain set of skills; while there is no written handbook that specifies exactly all the rules of Web design, a creative disposition and a strong sense of innovation are a must, as is a certain knowledge of computer programming languages.

Traits of a Good Web Designer

Creativity and innovation are essential for a Web designer / developer. No book can teach any individual about all the perfect color combinations for all types of design. These are certain things that come instinctively; Tampa web design, for example, is usually represented by a mixture of web designers with a remarkable sense of creativity and extremely high knowledge of the programming languages necessary for driving high traffic to the business, as well as for optimizing results.

Functions of Web Development

Maintaining your database is an important function of web development and a good knowledge of MySQL or access would certainly help the web designer / developer. While one does not need to learn all the complexities of SQL or of other database programs, it’s helpful to know which ones are the right programming languages for the needs of the website being designed and developed. Computer programming languages like C++, Java,Pearl, PHP all help in creating a good web design for the client’s business.

Languages to Know as a Web Designer

JavaScript is one of the most important languages any web developer can learn. When the web designer / developer is comfortable with all the applications and usage of this language, he or she will be able to meet the communication goals and objectives of the website project. Mastery of JavaScript is also useful for buildingAjaxwebsites. HTML is another language that’s essential in achieving standard Web design. Many web developers use WYSIWYG editors for designing the websites but HTML gives the developers a complete intricate understanding of the nooks and corners of the Web.

From a technical point of view, cascading style sheets, or CSS as it is popularly known, helps Web developers get an upper hand over those who are familiar with only less complex languages. CSS allows for more efficient synchronicity between the creative aspects of the design and the applications of the Web page / website. Knowledge of Flash, meanwhile, is good for animations and other interactive elements, which are sometimes necessary to a website’s visual and interactive appeal.

Search engine optimization is a very important part of Web development. Clients usually assign web designers to develop their websites with the main aim of increasing the traffic and ranking highly in the SERPs (search engine results pages).

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6 responses to “Skills You Should Have to Become a Good Web Designer”

  1. Wester says:

    Web designing/developing is indeed becoming a major market industry. There are a lot of companies who are in need of “skilled” web designers. It’s kind of hard to “teach” the skill. For although, the language and programming part can be taught, the knack for designing and artistry that comes with the whole web designing gig is something that must be natural for the user. It is for this matter that good web designers are so hard to come by.

  2. Reeves R. says:

    In all actuality, there are plenty of web designers you can find on the internet. They range from good to very skilled ones. You just have to know where to look. For me, it’s not a problem of not being able to find one but a problem of not being able to afford one. wink*

  3. Arlene McCoy says:

    I so agree with Reeves.
    On the other hand, you will find a lot of potential amateurs who need only be exposed and a little training of this and that to enhance their innate talents for internet design. Like Tampa Web Design said, no book can teach creativity and the perfect design.

  4. Mary says:

    I feel a web designer now has to learn lot of new things especially, JQuery. Jquery plugins helps a lot to improve the interactivity of the site.

  5. Joanne says:

    A year ago I had in mind to start learning to become a web designer. But every time I wanted to get started I couldn’t. Maybe this post will help me…

  6. Rod S. Lee says:

    I find this post interesting to read. I felt like I have all the qualities that a web designer should possess. Maybe I’m really meant to be a web designer.

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