Five Top Tips To Improving Your Brand

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Ask 20 people what branding is and you will more than likely get 20 different answers. A brand can mean your logo, your company’s values, or the way it interacts with its customers and suppliers at every level of your business. Your brand can actually reflect your customer’s experience of your company and therefore can help maintain the way your business is perceived and its reputation.

5 Top Tips To Improve Your Brand Image

Name Of Your Business: Choosing your business name is of vital importance to your brand. It should reflect your businesses vision, value, and expertise. Don’t rush this important decision. Consult with family, friends and maybe a focus group. If you have the budget, consulting an expert in the field might give you the edge to come up with a winning business name.

The Products or Services Your Provide: The products or services you provide should reflect you brand image. In a recent poll by AcuPoll, up to 95% of new products introduced to market fail! When thinking of your product or service name, think of the emotional response you want to create in the mind of your customer.

Logo & Stationery: One of the most popular answers when we talk about brand identity is your company logo. Your logo is more than just about snazzy-looking design. In your customers’ mind, it can be a guarantee of quality. Make sure the quality of the logo is maintained on all stationery and promotional literature. If we think of popular brands, the image on packaging almost becomes the company.

Premises: This is vital for businesses where the customer will attend the premises. This will reflect everything about how you run your company. Make sure the outside of your premises is clear of weeds, debris and rubbish and your company’s signage is kept well-maintained. Register your business address online so people can find you easily. The indoors should be inviting, any broken carpet or furniture replaced and the environment is kept clean and tidy. Investing in an entrance mat with your brand image can act like a welcome mat to your prospective clients and if you budget allows, digital signage is a great way to introduce your company to the customer in the reception area whilst they wait.

Staff: The way your prospective clients or suppliers is spoken of in any respect, whether it’s on the phone, face to face, or via E-mail, is vital to your brand. Make sure your employees are as passionate about your business as you are. People tend to speak more about the “rude receptionist on the phone” than any positive experience they have had. Make sure your staff uniform reflects on your brand. Branded uniforms also act as an extra free way to market your company!

Brands are built over time and so are the employees and customers’ attachment to them. Make sure you are constantly getting feedback from your clients and staff of their experiences. However, be very careful in creating major changes without consultation first. It is not unheard of for there to become quite an emotional bond to the brand of your company.

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