Date: January, 2013

Must-Have SEO Tools For Small Businesses

On January 4th, 2013, wrote:

Running a small business is no easy task and you need to ensure that you stay relevant in such competitive times. The idea of attracting people to your online presence needs to be given top priority. The right SEO tools can keep you far ahead of your local competition and ensure that you build up a strong base of loyal customers. Optimizing your site and keeping track of various aspects is a must for small businesses or startups. Here are a few tools that can help you out. A WordPress site: There is nothing better than having a dynamic site that gives customers a common place to find your products and services. WordPress is your best option if you’re running a small business. The site you create can be the center of all your social media needs. Setting up is easy and the best part being WordPress takes care of nearly 80% of all your SEO needs. Moreover, there are – Read the full article

Generating Revenue with Amazon Affiliate Marketing

On January 2nd, 2013, wrote:

If you’re looking for a relatively easy way to make money from home and have considered affiliate marketing then the world famous shopping site Amazon may be your answer. Becoming an “Amazon Associate” is surprisingly easy to do and whether you are a seasoned affiliate marketer or a beginner it is possible to experience great success when advertising products from this site. Why Choose Amazon With Amazon, if a customer clicks your link and chooses to buy another product, even if it is completely unrelated to what you advertise you will still make the standard affiliate commission. This can be really good if you direct a customer who buys multiple things in one shopping spree. The commission paid to you starts at 5%. This then increases on an upwards scale to 10% once you start attracting more customers. Bearing in mind that your site should cost you next to nothing to operate the reasonably generous pay can make this a – Read the full article

5 Tips for Preventing Brand Confusion

On January 2nd, 2013, wrote:

Just about every good business has a solid brand behind it. While branding is one of the most important parts of doing business today, it’s also something that has a tendency to be misunderstood sort of frequently. Many might not realize this, but branding involves a lot more than just the images and colors that you use to represent your business. Of course, the visual elements that inform your company’s look and feel are definitely a huge part of branding it properly, but the other important piece of the puzzle is the way your company actually communicates. The attitude, so to speak, that your company puts forth is going to be dictated by things like the marketing and advertising campaigns that you choose, and the voice or tone that your written materials use to communicate. It’s important to make sure you carefully choose all these elements to properly represent your business, but it’s also important that you’re not doing this – Read the full article