Date: January, 2013

Top Six Tools For Web Design And Development

On January 12th, 2013, wrote:

Web design is one of the fastest growing sectors on the web because websites have become phenomenal for business survival, development and growth. The same way the sector has grown, so has the technology used to develop websites. For websites to come fruition from conceptualization to completion, you need to have tools to facilitate the process. And even though many such tools exist, only a few can be considered great. This article looks at the top six tools used to support technology that develops and designs websites. Duplicate content checker Duplicate content is one of the worst things affecting web development and online businesses. It can negatively affect the website’s SEO and online reputation. As a developer, you need a tool that will ensure your website has original content. is a tool that allows you to spot plagiarism in the website content to the phrase level. This makes it an important tool for the web development process. Adobe – Read the full article

How To Keep Your Employees Happy At Work

On January 11th, 2013, wrote:

Keeping employees happy at work is a key part of any manager’s job. Several steps will keep employees happy. Scheduling and time-off flexibility allows employees to have a life outside work. This translates into higher morale. Recognizing different personality types and the contributions they make goes a long way towards an atmosphere of fairness and respect in the workplace. Training and education programs are a win-win for employees who advance their skills and employers who get extra value from better-trained employees. A fair rewards system for superior job performance will act as motivation without harmful competition and backstabbing between employees. Aside from morale and workplace atmosphere considerations, happy employees result in lower turnover. Employee turnover is a significant cost and drag on many businesses. Allow Scheduling Flexibility Flexibility in scheduling may cause short-term stress to management, but give greater overall employee satisfaction. Employees will not be tempted to change jobs or sacrifice performance at work if they know that an – Read the full article

5 Ways To Start Branding Your Ecommerce Business

On January 10th, 2013, wrote:

Branding is an extremely important part of business in any market today. This importance is often underestimated by eCommerce businesses, and this neglect is more detrimental than you may think. Without a success-oriented branding strategy, your business can never hope to grow into a significant player in the industry. Consider these 5 ways to start branding your eCommerce business and get started today if you want to be remembered. Design a Good Logo Any good eCommerce business needs to be recognizable, and the best way to build and maintain recognition is to create a memorable logo. Creating a logo is not easy, of course, and you may need to enlist the help of a professional designer. This is an investment that will pay off down the road. An image that is synonymous with your company’s niche and services is one of your most important assets in the branding process. Build a Mailing List Maintaining communication with your customer base is – Read the full article

Social Media Marketing Mistakes You Should Learn From

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It is commonly supposed that product optimization is aimed exclusively at promoting products and services in search engines (SEO). In general, it’s a series of actions directed at attracting visitors to your site from search engines. Although search engine optimization is the most important element in promoting your product, nowadays there’s another type of optimization – Social Media Optimization (SMO).Having some negative but still useful and valuable experience connected with SMO, I’d like to share some references and nuances of such methods of optimization with you. For several years already our company has been working in the sphere of collaborative work management software development but, unfortunately, we started our work on social media optimization with a mistake. Some years ago after launching a new marketing campaign of one of our products, we were not able to cope with a wave of negative responses from consumers and, as a result, had to close the campaign. But we noticed that even against the – Read the full article

How To Tackle A Negative Customer Feedback

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It does not matter what kind of business you are in. Whether set on brick and mortar or an ecommerce business; small town company or nationwide conglomerate. It doesn’t matter. This is because social media has made it possible for just one disgruntled customer to have so much impact on your business through negative comment(s) posted online.   Now, the big question isn’t whether this will happen or not, but rather when it does happen, how to handle such a situation. So, here are some tips on how to address negative feedbacks from customers below: 1. Try to resolve the issue directly with the concerned customer Once you are able to know the person’s identity. That is of the customer complaining, you should try and make peace with this person. This should be your initial course of action. Doing otherwise by going to the online-site where the rants or negative reviews were made will only probably place you at the – Read the full article

What Is Open Source Technology?

On January 8th, 2013, wrote:

If you have ever looked for software online, then you have probably heard of open-source software (OSS). Most people associate this with free software, but that’s not what OSS really is (though most versions are free or very affordable). Open-source software is software for which the source code is available to the public—meaning there is an entire community of developers that can add to the code or fix bugs. In fact, the plug-ins and add-ons developers constantly create for OSS technology is one of the most popular reasons users rely on it. What is OSS? OSS refers to technology that has its source code open and ready for changes. Most closed software hide the source code so that developers can’t modify and tinker with it. The source code is the programming that creates all of the features, the interface and everything else for the program. You can think of this as the bones, blood and muscles behind the human body – Read the full article

The Most Trustworthy Brands In Technology

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In our day and age, technology permeates every aspect of daily life. We wake up to electronic alarm clocks. We drive to work in computer equipped cars, and find our way with global positioning devices. We spend our days connecting to the world through computer screens, and smart phones tapped into wireless networks that bring the whole world to our fingertips. In this age of technological miracles, some brands have risen above all others to become leaders in the industry. These brands are the most trustworthy players in technology, and they’ve gained their status through years of innovation, customer service, and reliability. Apple is indisputably one of the most popular brands in technology today–some would even argue that Apple is number one. Part of this successful brand reputation has come from Apple’s many technological innovations. They were the first to perfect MP3 player technology with the introduction of the iPod, and their iPhone set the stage for smart phone manufacturers – Read the full article

Five Tips for Using LinkedIn

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LinkedIn has both similarities and differences with other social network sites, and that means there are some things that will be familiar and other things that are unknown as well. It’s important that you embrace the difference of LinkedIn from other social networks so that you will be able to experience it fully. Here are five tips that can help. Fill Out the Profile Completely One of the big mistakes that many people make when they start to use LinkedIn – and other social networking sites for that matter – is that they do not take the opportunity to fill out their full profile. They only fill out the parts which they believe might be important to setting up the account and when that’s done, most users never go back and take the time to appropriately fix their profiles. You should have something in every area of your profile, including your likes, hobbies and other information that people might find – Read the full article