Date: November, 2012

Panda Update 21: Who Gets Affected?

On November 10th, 2012, wrote:

Google has just released panda update 21 and there is no surprise that it still has an impact as to the queries – at least 1.1% for English and 0.4% worldwide. But the right follow-up question then is who has really gotten affected with the new change being implemented and what does the update imply in the practices or violations in the SEO world? Probably, those who failed to follow the updated webmaster guidelines and enhance the quality of their sites are now thinking on how to outlast the update and protect their site from penalty or getting low traffic and rank. No, there is no doubt about that, they really are affected. Why? The reason is simple: Because the prime target of the change in algorithm is the sites with low quality or poor content. But what specifically is the effect of the update? That is one thing that we do not know, but we feel it whenever new – Read the full article

5 E-commerce Methods For Boosting Real Estate Revenue Potential

On November 10th, 2012, wrote:

Everyone knows how to handle commerce, but put that little “e” in front of it and most of us have to start back at square one. Let’s face it, the Internet came along and swept the world away in a torrential flood of information; only those with the ability to harness that information have been able to stay abreast of the waves. This is true for every market, especially real estate. It can often be a challenge to garner actual face time with prospective clients when virtual tours and photo galleries of properties are cropping up all over the web. Nowadays, home buyers can attend an open house from home or work. You’ve already tapped into this, perhaps. Now, how do you stand out among the competition? Higher search ratings equal higher sales potential, so check out these tips to help you increase your online presence and, ultimately, your revenue streams. Give Clients What They Need Search engines want traffic and so do you; it’s practically a – Read the full article

Demystifying Mystery Marketing

On November 5th, 2012, wrote:

In today’s ad-saturated world, some of the most successful campaigns don’t look like advertising at all. Mystery marketing, provocative ads that more resemble games or riddles, is one way to grab the target audience’s attention and encourage people to seek more information about a company’s products or services. Create a Mystery It doesn’t take Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to create a good mystery marketing campaign. Simplicity is best: potential customers will glimpse the ad and decide whether to play along within seconds. One good example is Bell Canada’s blue package campaign. Toronto residents woke up one morning to a city plastered with images of a shiny blue package. With no ad copy or logo to reference, they were intrigued, striking up Internet conversations and generating free publicity for the advertiser. Sometimes, mystery campaigns use shock value to engage customers. This kind of advertising requires finesse and a willingness to tread on a few lines. A U.S. campaign that garnered national – Read the full article

Top Tips To Designing The Right Logo For Your Business

On November 4th, 2012, wrote:

Designing the right logo is vital for your brand image. A logo can become an important factor in brand recognition, probably more so than your company name and so it is important that you spend time researching exactly what type of colors, fonts and design work would best represent your brand message. Here we outline top tips to consider when first deciding upon what kind of logo to use: Research, Research, Research – Depending on whether this is a new brand design or a redesign will decide your research approach. The first thing you are going to want to do is perform a SWOT analysis and also think about the profile of the customer you want to attract. How old are they?, What do they like to do?  This kind of profiling will allow you to identify not only your brand values that should be represented in the logo but also the customer who may be turned off by too – Read the full article

7 Bad SEO Activities, Risky For Your Business

On November 4th, 2012, wrote:

Search Engine Optimization can greatly help your business flourish. The core reason behind SEO is to ensure that your business is easily accessible to anybody submitting a related query on a search engine, most popularly Google. However, there is no cookie cutter way to search engine optimization, there are ways of course, but there aren’t really any overnight short cuts. Some mistakes, misconceptions and bad SEO strategies have gotten businesses as big as JCPenny spammed by Google. Here are some don’ts to save your business website from getting badly penalized rankings or from getting banned. Photo courtesy of: 1. Cloaking Cloaking is termed to define the act of disguising a website so that it claims one service and provides another. Many spammers or even low key businesses use this strategy to deceive search engines by “cloaking” one purpose and serving another, especially to show ads. It is a bad strategy and can result in your website being banned by – Read the full article

How To Defend Yourself Against Negative SEO

On November 2nd, 2012, wrote:

Up until the onset of social media, when you had an issue with someone, or when a customer had a complaint, they would usually come to you and express the problem in person. This gave your or whoever you placed in customer service the opportunity to respond, apologize or solve the problem. No one else was usually involved, and other customers won’t usually know about the issue. But, in the current world, where anyone and everyone can post whatever they want to on the web, if someone complains about your product or services, it is all too easy to make that complaint publicly online. Additionally, the person is usually overwrought, excited and angry, so it is also too easy to exaggerate whatever the issue is; and this creates negative SEO for your business. Why is this so important? If you haven’t paid attention to your Online reputation and made sure there are positive reviews and posts related to your business, – Read the full article