Date: May, 2010

Common Mistakes that Suck the Life Out of Your Website Copy

On May 3rd, 2010, wrote:

Internet marketing gurus have said over and over that “content is king” – but some people seem to think that in order to be crowned as royalty one only needs to dress up their website with blocks of text here and there. This isn’t the case. The content and copy on your website may be a product of good writing, but it’s important to recognize that good writing doesn’t necessarily translate to a better, more engaging website. So be vigilant not just of what you write for your website, but also of how you present it to your readers and visitors. Avoid these common mistakes that suck the life out of your website copy. Website design makes the text hard to read Colorized text. A diverse range of font types and sizes. Embossed letters and sentences with shadow or “blinking” effects. They’re all pretty tempting, and all those colorful text editing tools on the dashboard don’t make it easier for – Read the full article

The Secrets to Optimizing Your Site for Image Search

On May 1st, 2010, wrote:

In one way or another, all Internet marketers have emphasized the importance of SEO (search engine optimization) techniques in growing one’s business and gaining a competitive edge over competitors. However, while some of us have focused well enough on optimizing the text on our websites and blogs, there aren’t as much taking the time to optimize images and photos for search. Lakeshore Branding hopes to change that. Image search, after all, is a feature present in all major search engines. Optimizing your site for that will likely bring in more targeted traffic, more conversions, and more subscribers. That’s because image searchers are usually interested in what a particular product or brand looks like. Want these people to find your site? Focus on optimizing each of your images and they just might rank higher in search results. Use good-quality photos Image search results take the form of thumbnails, so make sure that the images you use on your site have good – Read the full article