Date: May, 2010

6 Keyword Research Tools You Cannot Live Without

On May 17th, 2010, wrote:

An important part of every SEO (search engine optimization) campaign is keyword research. Whether you’re optimizing a website for your small business, for your e-Commerce site, or for your enterprise-level company, you can never be too careful with the keywords that you choose. Do you know that 80% of all online transactions begin with a keyword search? Armed with the right set of keywords, you can use highly attainable and frequently searched phrases to bring in targeted traffic and increase conversion rates. You can maximize your PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns and take traffic away from the competitors. Choose the wrong set, and you risk losing your advertising dollars, not to mention wasting the effort that you’ve put into getting your website to rank and stay competitive in the search rankings. Good thing there are a bunch of great keyword research tools that help you funnel, from among a clutter of words and phrases, the right keywords for your site. Here are – Read the full article

We’re At Big Omaha!

On May 14th, 2010, wrote:

Chris and Ryan are in the ‘Silicon Prairie’ this weekend for the annual Big Omaha conference. I’ve never been, so I’ll borrow from the Big Omaha site to help explain just what their conference is all about:

Big Omaha is a culmination of the amazing entrepreneurial energy taking place within the Midwest.

Why You Should Outsource Content Creation and Copywriting

On May 14th, 2010, wrote:

One of the more interesting trends in Internet marketing today is the idea of outsourcing content creation and copywriting. Here’s how it works: you run a small business, you become too busy with work, and on top of that – as though your calendar wasn’t crazy enough, as though you actually had time – you find yourself having to refresh your website or company blog with new, engaging content. You have to meet the demand for new, diverse information about your product, your brand, your industry. And you’re not even a writer by profession. One can only do so much, right? If only you can leave the writing to those who do it for a living. Enter your team of freelance writers, eager to develop content and copy for your site. They may be regular readers of your blog, looking to contribute their own content; they may be freelancing neighbors from just around the corner; or they may come from – Read the full article

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Use URL Shortener

On May 12th, 2010, wrote:

Rising along with the popularity of Twitter as well as other instant messaging services with character limits are services for URL shortening. There are hundreds of services on the Web for this, letting people use the smallest space possible for sharing and linking to content. Some of them generate shorter links; some come with bars at the top of the application; some are content to let their links expire. Standing out among all these URL shorteners, however, is, created by John Borthwick of Betaworks. After serving as the default URL shortener for Twitter during the most part of last year, grew to become a web-wide tool. In December, Twitter stopped using, but this breaking of ties hasn’t stopped the URL shortening service from continuing to scale and serving as a useful tool for users, publishers, Internet marketers and eCommerce providers. Still need convincing that is the URL shortener for you? Here are the top 6 reasons – Read the full article

Must-Have iPhone Apps for the Small Business Owner

On May 9th, 2010, wrote:

As a small business owner, you may find yourself going crazy over the number of things you have to do for work. But don’t worry: if you own an Apple iPhone, you’ll at least have some apps at your disposal – apps which can truly help you stay connected to your business and hang on to a little bit of sanity. While the iPhone is a fun device, it can also make for a great business tool – especially if you’re always on the go. Here are several Apple iPhone apps with which you, as a small business owner, cannot go wrong. Money matters A number of apps let you keep track of your expenses and finances. These include BalanceDo, a productivity app through which you can send customer invoices, track receivables or billings, and manage payments through PayPal. If you want to perform credit card transactions with your iPhone, check out MerchantWare Mobile. (You’ll need a Merchant Warehouse account.) – Read the full article

Top 7 Tips on How to Retain Your Twitter Followers

On May 7th, 2010, wrote:

It’s one thing to get a lot of followers on Twitter; it’s another to be able to retain them and keep them engaged and interested. To be followed is not enough, especially if you’re a small business owner looking to maximize the long-term value of the social microblogging site for your company or brand. You’ll want people to eagerly await your tweets, and to have them “retweet” whatever you have to say. You’ll want them to keep asking you for more. Of course, this doesn’t mean you should suffer from tiny little panic attacks whenever someone decides to un-follow you. But retaining followers on Twitter can be one of the most crucial parts of your social media strategy. So here are the top 7 tips on how to keep them once you have them: 1. Quality over quantity Twitter users follow you not because they want their home page cluttered with meaningless minute-by-minute updates, but because they assume they’re going – Read the full article

Top Ten Tips on Using YouTube for Business

On May 5th, 2010, wrote:

Everybody’s talking these days about Twitter and Facebook, yet very few seem to be doing something about the fact that YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world (behind Google). If you’re an Internet marketer or small business owner, don’t leave the video sharing website out of your online marketing checklist. It’s high time for online video, and if one looked closely enough one would find that YouTube presents incredible opportunities to help you get noticed online – and quickly, too. Don’t worry: you don’t have to be James Cameron or even a film graduate from NYU to succeed in improving your Internet presence via YouTube. You also won’t need a Hollywood blockbuster film budget. Remember, posting videos on YouTube is absolutely free – no need to shell out thousands of dollars for advertising placement or bandwidth costs; only, you have to make sure your YouTube videos are actually seen. Here’s a list of top ten tips on using – Read the full article

The Audience is the Message

On May 5th, 2010, wrote:

Remember the Marshall McLuhan phrase, “The medium is the message”? Well, in the era of social web and social media, that might undergo a slight modification. It might be more appropriate to say instead, “The audience is the message” – that is, if we’re to describe the findings published in a recent data study by 360i. According to “The State of Search”, the whitepaper released this November by the company, most of the social media search listings that appear for brand-related queries are actually created by individuals not affiliated with the brand. This includes customers. Fans. Advocates. Maybe a few haters, too. They – and not the brand marketers – control or publish a staggering 77% of YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook listings that appear for brand searches. What this means is that when someone searches for “Insert Brand Name Here” on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, then chances are that the results that come up were published – Read the full article