Website Accessibility

Lakeshore Branding is committed to serving the needs of all of our customers. To do this we make a concerted effort to make our services available to all people regardless of ability. Lakeshore Branding’s overall accessibility goal is to make it possible to adjust our web site and services so that they meet the visual, auditory and cognitive needs of all our customers.

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Standards Compliance and Accessibility
Our accessibility and standards practices include:

  • Adherence to accessibility standards set forth by the W3C (WCAG 1.0), Section 508 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1998 and Texas House Bill 2819.
  • Use of XHTML 1.0 Transitional.
  • Use of CSS 3.0 (cascading style sheets) for separation of visual layout and content. If your browser doesn’t support CSS or CSS is disabled the web site will still be readable.
  • Use of semantic mark-up on all pages on the web site.
  • Pages on this site are mostly WCAG A approved, complying with most priority 1 guidelines of the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.
  • Pages on this site are Section 508 approved, complying with all of the U.S. Federal Government Section 508 Guidelines.
  • Creation of hypertext links so that they make sense when read out of context.
  • Alternative descriptions are provided for all images. Complex images include a long description link to help communicate the meaning of the images.
  • Acronyms and Abbreviations include “title” attributes to explain their meaning.
  • Tables are accessible to screen readers and include all appropriate structures to communicate the information contained in the table.
  • We use JavaScript in some places on this Web site; however, all content of on our Web site is accessible with JavaScript disabled.

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